Bill Summary

The purpose of this bill is to permit a landlord to terminate a lease of a portion of a multitenant commercial property if the tenant fails to use the premises for the purpose specified in the lease, and the tenant’s use or nonuse produces an adverse economic effect upon the landlord or another tenant of the property. It establishes a procedure for notifying the tenant and allows the tenant time to commence using the premises for its agreed purpose. It also requires the landlord to notify the tenant of the termination of the lease if the tenant fails to commence using the premises within the specified time. This section is new; therefore, it has been completely underscored.

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Date Action Vote Document
2015-02-20Dispensed with Constitutional Rule (Roll No. 133)Yea: 81 No: 1 Other: 0Document
2015-02-20Passed House (Roll No. 134)Yea: 70 No: 12 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2015-02-23To Judiciary
2015-02-23To Judiciary
2015-02-23Introduced in Senate
2015-02-23House Message received
2015-02-20Communicated to Senate
2015-02-20Passed House (Roll No. 134)
2015-02-20Read 3rd time
2015-02-20Dispensed with Constitutional Rule (Roll No. 133)
2015-02-20Committee amendment adopted (Voice vote)
2015-02-20Read 2nd time
2015-02-20On 2nd reading, Special Calendar
2015-02-19Read 1st time
2015-02-19On 1st reading, Special Calendar
2015-02-18With amendment, do pass
2015-01-14To House Judiciary
2015-01-14Introduced in House
2015-01-14To Judiciary
2015-01-14Filed for introduction


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John ShottHD-027