Bill Summary

Relating to residential rental security deposits

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2011-03-02PassageYea: 75 No: 25 Other: 0Document
2011-03-12Passage-senate Amended HbYea: 82 No: 17 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2011-06-10Effective Date
2011-05-04Chapter 149, Acts, 2011
2011-03-18Approved by Governor 4/1/11 - Senate Journal
2011-03-18Approved by Governor 4/1/11 - House Journal
2011-04-01Approved by Governor 4/1/11
2011-03-18To Governor 3/31/11 - House Journal
2011-03-31To Governor 3/31/11
2011-03-18To Governor 3/31/11 - Senate Journal
2011-03-12Completed legislative action
2011-03-12House Message received
2011-03-12Communicated to Senate
2011-03-12House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 428)
2011-03-12House received Senate message
2011-03-10Senate requests House to concur
2011-03-10Passed Senate with amended title (Roll No. 65)
2011-03-10Read 3rd time
2011-03-10Suspension of Constitutional Rule (Roll No. 64)
2011-03-10On 3rd reading
2011-03-10Committee amendment adopted (Voice vote)
2011-03-10Read 2nd time
2011-03-10On 2nd reading
2011-03-09Read 1st time
2011-03-09Immediate consideration
2011-03-09On 1st reading
2011-03-09Reported do pass, with amendment and title amendment
2011-03-03To Judiciary
2011-03-03Introduced in Senate
2011-03-02Communicated to Senate
2011-03-02Passed House (Roll No. 224)
2011-03-02Read 3rd time
2011-03-02On 3rd reading, Special Calendar
2011-03-01Read 2nd time
2011-03-01On 2nd reading, Special Calendar
2011-02-28Read 1st time
2011-02-28From House Calendar, 1st reading, placed on Special Calendar
2011-02-25By substitute, do pass
2011-02-18To House Judiciary
2011-02-18Introduced in House
2011-02-18To Judiciary
2011-02-18Filed for introduction


Name District
Michael CaputoSD-013
Barbara FleischauerHD-051
Patrick LaneHD-038
Timothy ManchinHD-050
Tim MileyHD-048
Kelli SobonyaHD-018
Doug SkaffHD-035
Tiffany LawrenceHD-065
Meshea PooreHD-037
Amanda PasdonHD-051