Bill Summary

An act relating to disposal of property following an eviction, and fair housing and public accommodations

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Bill History

Date Action
2015-04-16Signed by Governor on April 16, 2015
2015-04-10House message: House concurred in Senate proposal of amendment
2015-04-09Senate Proposal of Amendment concurred in
2015-04-03Read 3rd time & passed in concurrence with proposal of amendment
2015-04-023rd reading ordered
2015-04-02Proposal of amendment by Committee on Judiciary agreed to
2015-04-02Read 2nd time, reported favorably with proposal of amendment by Senator White for Committee on Judiciary
2015-04-03New Business/Third Reading
2015-04-02Favorable report with recommendation of amendment by Committee on Judiciary
2015-04-02New Business/Second Reading
2015-04-01Favorable report with proposal of amendment by Committee on Judiciary
2015-02-27Read 1st time & referred to Committee on Judiciary
2015-02-25Read Third time
2015-02-24Third Reading Ordered
2015-02-24Rep. Stevens of Waterbury spoke for the committee on General, Housing & Military Affairs
2015-02-24Read Second Time
2015-02-20Placed on Calendar for Notice on February 20, 2015


Name District
General, Housing and Military Affairs