Bill Summary

Relating to fees regarding a residential tenant’s failure to timely pay rent.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2019-04-17Three day rule suspendedYea: 26 No: 5 Other: 0Document
2019-04-17Read 3rd timeYea: 26 No: 5 Other: 0Document
2019-04-17Three day rule suspendedYea: 26 No: 5 Other: 0Document
2019-04-17Read 3rd timeYea: 26 No: 5 Other: 0Document
2019-05-20Amendment fails of adoption RV#1524Yea: 52 No: 78 Other: 18Document
2019-05-20Amendment fails of adoption RV#1525Yea: 54 No: 84 Other: 10Document
2019-05-21Read 3rd time RV#1555Yea: 94 No: 52 Other: 3Document
2019-05-23Senate concurs in House amendment(s)Yea: 27 No: 4 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2019-06-10Effective on 9/1/19
2019-06-10Signed by the Governor
2019-05-25Sent to the Governor
2019-05-25Signed in the House
2019-05-25Signed in the Senate
2019-05-23Reported enrolled
2019-05-23Senate concurs in House amendment(s)-reported
2019-05-23Record vote
2019-05-23Senate concurs in House amendment(s)
2019-05-23House amendment(s) laid before the Senate
2019-05-21House passage as amended reported
2019-05-21Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal
2019-05-21Record vote RV#1555
2019-05-21Read 3rd time
2019-05-20Passed to 3rd reading as amended
2019-05-20Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal
2019-05-20Record vote RV#1525
2019-05-20Amendment fails of adoption 5-Ramos
2019-05-20Amended 4-J. González
2019-05-20Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal
2019-05-20Record vote RV#1524
2019-05-20Amendment fails of adoption 3-Ramos
2019-05-20Amendment fails of adoption 2-Ramos
2019-05-20Amendment fails of adoption 1-Ramos
2019-05-20Read 2nd time
2019-05-20Placed on General State Calendar
2019-05-17Considered in Calendars
2019-05-16Committee report sent to Calendars
2019-05-15Committee report distributed
2019-05-15Comte report filed with Committee Coordinator
2019-05-13Reported favorably w/o amendment(s)
2019-05-13Considered in formal meeting
2019-04-26Referred to Business & Industry
2019-04-26Read first time
2019-04-18Received from the Senate
2019-04-17Reported engrossed
2019-04-17Record vote
2019-04-17Read 3rd time
2019-04-17Record vote
2019-04-17Three day rule suspended
2019-04-17Vote recorded in Journal
2019-04-17Passed to engrossment as amended
2019-04-17Vote recorded in Journal
2019-04-17Amendment(s) offered FA1 Hancock
2019-04-17Read 2nd time
2019-04-17Vote recorded in Journal
2019-04-17Rules suspended-Regular order of business
2019-04-15Placed on intent calendar
2019-04-10Committee report printed and distributed
2019-04-10Reported favorably as substituted
2019-04-04Considered in public hearing
2019-04-02Left pending in committee
2019-04-02Testimony taken in committee
2019-04-02Considered in public hearing
2019-04-02Scheduled for public hearing on . . .
2019-04-02Scheduled for public hearing on . . .
2019-03-26No action taken in committee
2019-03-26Scheduled for public hearing on . . .
2019-03-14Referred to Business & Commerce
2019-03-14Read first time
2019-03-01Received by the Secretary of the Senate


Name District
Kelly HancockSD-009
Dade PhelanHD-021