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Amend Chapter 40, Title 27, Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, Relating To The Residential Landlord And Tenant Act, So As To Exempt Certain Property From The Provisions Of This Chapter, To Alter Certain Definitions And To Define The Terms “fee” And “minimum Habitability Standards”, To Proscribe Certain Rental Agreements Or Provisions Of Rental Agreements As Unconscionable, To Provide Notice And Service Requirements Under Certain Circumstances, To Require A Landlord To Comply With Minimum Habitability Standards, To Provide That A Tenant Shall Not Conduct Or Permit Activities In Furtherance Of A Criminal Enterprise In The Dwelling Unit, To Allow A Tenant To Make Repairs And Deduct The Cost From Rent After Providing Notice To The Landlord And Provide Other Remedies For The Landlord’s Failure To Act, To Provide When A Landlord May Terminate The Rental Agreement And To Require The Landlord To Give The Tenant Fourteen Days To Repay Past Due Rent, To Provide That A Landlord May Not Seek An Order For Eviction For A Failure To Pay Fees Associated With The Late Rent Payment Or Without Giving Adequate Notice To The Tenant, And To Allow A Tenant To Make A Payment Of Rent Due Within Fourteen Days Of A Court Finding That Rent Is Owed To The Landlord.

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2019-02-12Referred to Committee on Judiciary
2019-02-12Introduced and read first time


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Marvin PendarvisHD-113