Bill Summary

Imposes a moratorium on non-essential evictions/mortgage foreclosures during a state of emergency declared by the governor relating to residential property and establishes an eviction diversion program to resolve landlord-tenant eviction disputes.

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Bill History

Date Action
2021-03-11Committee recommended measure be held for further study
2021-03-05Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration (03/11/2021)
2021-02-05Introduced, referred to Senate Judiciary


Name District
Dawn EuerSD-013
Dominick RuggerioSD-004
Michael McCaffreySD-029
Maryellen GoodwinSD-001
Sandra CanoSD-008
Tiara MackSD-006
Meghan KallmanSD-015
Frank LombardoSD-025
Bridget ValverdeSD-035
Alana DiMarioSD-036