Bill Summary

Prohibits landlord from terminating month-to-month tenancy without cause after 12 months of occupancy. Provides exception for certain tenancies on building or lot used by landlord as residence. Allows landlord to terminate tenancy with 90 days’ written notice and payment of one month’s rent under certain conditions. Exempts landlord managing four or fewer units from payment of one month’s rent. Provides that fixed term tenancy becomes month-to-month tenancy upon ending date if not renewed or terminated. Allows landlord to not renew fixed term tenancy if tenant receives three lease violation warnings within 12 months during term and landlord gives 90 days’ notice. Limits rent increases for residential tenancies to one per year. Limits maximum annual rent increase to seven percent above annual change in consumer price index. Requires Oregon Department of Administrative Services to publish maximum annual rent increase percentage. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2019-02-04Senate Committee Do passYea: 3 No: 1 Other: 1Document
2019-02-12Senate Third ReadingYea: 17 No: 11 Other: 2Document
2019-02-20House Committee Do PassYea: 6 No: 3 Other: 0Document
2019-02-26House Third ReadingYea: 35 No: 25 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2019-03-22Effective date, February 28, 2019.
2019-03-22Chapter 1, 2019 Laws.
2019-02-28Governor signed.
2019-02-27Speaker signed.
2019-02-27President signed.
2019-02-26Vote explanation(s) filed by Evans.
2019-02-26Third reading. Carried by Meek. Passed. Ayes, 35; Nays, 25--Barreto, Boles, Bonham, Boshart Davis, Drazan, Findley, Gomberg, Hayden, Helt, Leif, Lewis, McKeown, McLane, Nearman, Noble, Post, Reschke, Smith DB, Smith G, Sprenger, Stark, Wallan, Wilson, Witt, Zika.
2019-02-25Potential conflict(s) of interest declared by Helt.
2019-02-25Second reading.
2019-02-25Recommendation: Do pass.
2019-02-20Work Session held.
2019-02-18Public Hearing held.
2019-02-13Referred to Human Services and Housing.
2019-02-13First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
2019-02-12Third reading. Carried by Fagan, Monnes Anderson. Passed. Ayes, 17; Nays, 11--Baertschiger Jr, Bentz, Boquist, Girod, Hansell, Heard, Johnson, Knopp, Linthicum, Thatcher, Winters; Excused, 2--Olsen, Thomsen.
2019-02-07Second reading.
2019-02-07Recommendation: Do pass.
2019-02-04Public Hearing and Work Session held.
2019-01-17Referred to Housing.
2019-01-14Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.