Bill Summary

Allows option to obtain title, but not registration, from Department of Transportation for recreational vehicle qualifying as park model recreational vehicle and meeting other criteria. Provides that recreational vehicle having title issued by Department of Transportation does not qualify as structure. Requires owner to surrender Department of Transportation title for recreational vehicle if converting recreational vehicle to use as structure. Makes recreational vehicle converted to use as structure subject to state building code. Requires seller of new recreational vehicle to provide purchaser with written information listing specified living area systems. Requires that information state for each listed system whether items or components comprising system are covered by warranty and, if so, extent and length of warranty. Removes recreational vehicle construction from regulation by Department of Consumer and Business Services. Changes definition of “recreational vehicle.”

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2019-04-08House Committee Do pass with amendments and be referred to Ways and Means. (Printed A-Eng.)Yea: 11 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2019-06-07House Committee Do pass with amendments to the A-Eng bill. (Printed B-Eng.)Yea: 19 No: 0 Other: 1Document
2019-06-17House Third ReadingYea: 58 No: 0 Other: 2Document
2019-06-20Senate Committee Do pass with amendments to the B-Eng bill. (Printed C-Eng.)Yea: 16 No: 0 Other: 5Document
2019-06-29House Third Reading in ConcurrenceYea: 53 No: 0 Other: 6Document
2019-06-29Senate Third ReadingYea: 27 No: 0 Other: 3Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2019-08-01Chapter 585, (2019 Laws): Effective date January 1, 2020.
2019-07-23Governor signed.
2019-07-03President signed.
2019-07-02Speaker signed.
2019-06-29Rules suspended. House concurred in Senate amendments and repassed bill. Ayes, 53; Excused, 6--Clem, Greenlick, Hayden, McLane, Noble, Wallan.
2019-06-29Rules suspended. Third reading. Carried by Manning Jr. Passed. Ayes, 27; Absent, 2--Girod, Linthicum; Excused, 1--Boquist.
2019-06-29Second reading.
2019-06-21Recommendation: Do pass with amendments to the B-Eng. bill. (Printed C-Eng.)
2019-06-20Work Session held.
2019-06-18Referred to Ways and Means.
2019-06-18First reading. Referred to President's desk.
2019-06-17Third reading. Carried by Stark. Passed. Ayes, 58; Excused for Business of the House, 2--Nosse, Rayfield.
2019-06-13Rules suspended. Carried over to June 17, 2019 Calendar.
2019-06-12Second reading.
2019-06-11Recommendation: Do pass with amendments and be printed B-Engrossed.
2019-06-07Work Session held.
2019-06-05Returned to Full Committee.
2019-06-05Work Session held.
2019-05-28Assigned to Subcommittee On Transportation and Economic Development.
2019-04-16Referred to Ways and Means by order of Speaker.
2019-04-16Recommendation: Do pass with amendments, be printed A-Engrossed, and be referred to Ways and Means.
2019-04-08Work Session held.
2019-04-03Work Session held.
2019-04-01Public Hearing held.
2019-01-15Referred to Business and Labor.
2019-01-14First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.


Name District
Duane StarkHD-004
Gregory BarretoHD-058
Paul HolveyHD-008
Pam MarshHD-005
Sara Gelser BlouinSD-008
Arnie RoblanSD-005