Bill Summary

Increases notice period for termination of rental agreement and removal of manufactured dwelling or floating home. Permits landlord to terminate rental agreement with 30 days’ written notice if disrepair or deterioration of manufactured dwelling or floating home creates risk of imminent and serious harm to dwellings or persons within facility. Requires landlord to notify tenant of specific disrepair or deterioration causing termination and describe repairs necessary to avoid termination. Requires landlord who requires application for occupancy as tenant from prospective purchaser of manufactured dwelling or floating home to provide prospective purchaser with notice of outstanding repairs, maintenance and improvements. Permits landlord to require new tenant to complete repairs, maintenance and improvements described in notices and to terminate tenancy of new tenant if tenant fails to complete repairs, maintenance and improvements described in notices within six months after tenancy begins. Defines terms. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2017-04-12Senate Committee Do pass with amendments. (Printed A-Eng.)Yea: 5 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2017-04-19Senate Third ReadingYea: 29 No: 0 Other: 1Document
2017-05-23House Committee Do Pass the A-Eng billYea: 7 No: 0 Other: 2Document
2017-06-06House Third ReadingYea: 55 No: 0 Other: 5Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2017-06-22Effective date, June 14, 2017.
2017-06-22Chapter 324, 2017 Laws.
2017-06-14Governor signed.
2017-06-09Speaker signed.
2017-06-08President signed.
2017-06-06Third reading. Carried by Helm. Passed.Ayes, 55; Excused, 5--Johnson, McKeown, Nosse, Power, Stark.
2017-06-05Rules suspended. Carried over to June 6, 2017 Calendar.
2017-06-01Rules suspended. Carried over to June 5, 2017 Calendar.
2017-05-31Rules suspended. Carried over to June 1, 2017 Calendar.
2017-05-30Second reading.
2017-05-30Recommendation: Do pass.
2017-05-23Work Session held.
2017-05-18Public Hearing held.
2017-04-24Referred to Human Services and Housing.
2017-04-20First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
2017-04-19Third reading. Carried by Roblan, Olsen. Passed.Ayes, 29; excused, 1--Baertschiger Jr.
2017-04-18Second reading.
2017-04-17Recommendation: Do pass with amendments. (Printed A-Eng.)
2017-04-12Work Session held.
2017-03-20Public Hearing held.
2017-01-17Referred to Human Services.
2017-01-09Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.


Name District
Arnie RoblanSD-005
Ken HelmHD-034
Alan OlsenSD-020
Elizabeth JohnsonSD-016
Charles RileySD-015
Elizabeth Steiner HaywardSD-017
Julianne FaheyHD-014
Bill KennemerHD-039
Caddy McKeownHD-009