Bill Summary

Modifies conditions under which landlord may terminate month-to-month tenancy after first year of occupancy. Requires landlord to pay tenant relocation expenses under certain circumstances. Creates presumption of retaliation in actions between landlord and tenant commenced within six months of certain actions by tenant. Requires landlord to provide 90-day notice for rent increase. Prohibits rent increase during first year of occupancy of month-to-month tenancy. Permits local government to adopt land use regulations or functional plan provisions, or impose conditions for approval of permits, that effectively establish below-market sales or rental price for up to 30 percent of new residential development or that limit sale or rental to class or group of purchasers or renters in exchange for one or more developer incentives. Permits local government to waive state or local building and zoning codes during state of emergency or upon finding rental vacancy of four percent or less. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

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Bill Text

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Date Action Vote Document
2016-02-10House Committee Without recommendation as to passage and be referred to RulesYea: 7 No: 2 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2016-03-03In committee upon adjournment.
2016-02-11Referred to Rules by order of Speaker.
2016-02-11Without recommendation as to passage and be referred to Rules.
2016-02-10Work Session held.
2016-02-08Work Session held.
2016-02-05Work Session held.
2016-02-01Public Hearing held.
2016-02-01Referred to Human Services and Housing.
2016-02-01First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
2016-01-27Presession Released to the Public.