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Relating to landlord-tenant law.

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Bill History

Date Action
2011-05-16Effective date, January 1, 2012.
2011-05-16Chapter 42, 2011 Laws.
2011-05-16Governor signed.
2011-05-10Co-Speakers signed.
2011-05-06President signed.
2011-05-05Rules suspended. Third reading. Carried by Smith J.. Passed. Ayes, 51; Excused, 7--Barker, Hicks, Hunt, Kennemer, Krieger, Olson, Wingard; Excused for Business of the House, 2--Freeman, Speaker Hanna.
2011-05-04Rules suspended. Carried over to May 5, 2011 Calendar.
2011-05-03Rules suspended. Carried over to May 4, 2011 Calendar.
2011-05-02Second reading.
2011-04-29Recommendation: Do pass.
2011-04-28Public Hearing and Work Session held.
2011-03-28Referred to General Government and Consumer Protection.
2011-03-21First reading. Referred to the desks of the Co-Speakers.
2011-03-17Third reading. Carried by Bonamici. Passed. Ayes, 27; nays, 2--Kruse, Whitsett; excused, 1--Atkinson.
2011-03-16Second reading.
2011-03-14Recommendation: Do pass with amendments. (Printed A-Eng.)
2011-03-09Work Session held.
2011-02-21Public Hearing held.
2011-01-14Referred to General Government, Consumer and Small Business Protection.
2011-01-10Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.


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