Bill Summary

Oklahoma Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; requiring landlord to disclose certain information prior to the commencement of rental agreement. Effective date.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2010-02-10House: Economic Development and Financial Services Committee: DO PASSYea: 10 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2010-03-08House: THIRD READINGYea: 93 No: 0 Other: 8Document
2010-05-12House: Yea: 92 No: 1 Other: 8Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2010-05-27Approved by Governor 05/26/2010
2010-05-21Sent to Governor
2010-05-21Enrolled measure signed, returned to House
2010-05-21Enrolled, signed, to Senate
2010-05-20Referred for enrollment
2010-05-20Measure passed, to House: Ayes: 46 Nays: 0
2010-05-20CCR adopted
2010-05-12CCR read
2010-05-12To Senate
2010-05-12Measure passed: Ayes: 92 Nays: 1
2010-05-12Coauthored by Representative(s) Sherrer, Kern
2010-05-12CCR adopted
2010-05-10Title restored
2010-05-10CCR submitted
2010-05-04HC's named: Scott, Sullivan, Lamons, Christian, Proctor, Martin (Steve), Trebilcock
2010-05-03Conference granted, SCs named Burrage, Anderson, Sykes, Crain, Newberry, Paddack
2010-04-21SA's rejected, conference requested, conferees to be named later
2010-04-15SA's received
2010-04-15Engrossed to House
2010-04-14Referred for engrossment
2010-04-14Measure passed: Ayes: 44 Nays: 0
2010-04-14Title stricken
2010-04-14General Order, Amended
2010-04-05coauthored by Luttrell
2010-04-05Reported Do Pass Judiciary committee; CR filed
2010-03-30Reported Do Pass Judiciary committee; pending CR
2010-03-16Pending coauthorship Representative(s) Luttrell
2010-03-15Second Reading referred to Judiciary
2010-03-09First Reading
2010-03-09Engrossed, signed, to Senate
2010-03-08Referred for engrossment
2010-03-08Third Reading, Measure passed: Ayes: 93 Nays: 0
2010-03-08Authored by Senator Burrage (principal Senate author)
2010-03-08Coauthored by Representative(s) Tibbs, Inman, Proctor
2010-03-08General Order
2010-02-10CR; Do Pass Economic Development and Financial Services Committee
2010-02-02Second Reading referred to Economic Development and Financial Services
2010-02-01Authored by Representative Scott
2010-02-01First Reading


Name District
Scott InmanHD-094
Sally KernHD-084
Ken LuttrellHD-037
Eric ProctorHD-077
Seneca ScottHD-072
Ben SherrerHD-008
Sue TibbsHD-023
Michael BurrageSD-002