Bill Summary

Vacation Rentals/Orange Co. Jail Construction

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2015-03-25Second ReadingYea: 115 No: 0 Other: 3Document
2016-06-16Amendment 1Yea: 46 No: 0 Other: 4Document
2016-06-16Second ReadingYea: 45 No: 0 Other: 4Document
2016-06-16Amendment 2Yea: 46 No: 0 Other: 4Document
2016-06-16Third ReadingYea: 46 No: 0 Other: 4Document
2016-06-28M11 Not ConcurYea: 109 No: 0 Other: 7Document
2016-06-29C RPT AdoptionYea: 106 No: 0 Other: 13Document
2016-06-30Conference Rpt Motion 8 To AdoptYea: 47 No: 0 Other: 3Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2016-07-18Ch. SL 2016-98
2016-07-18Signed by Gov. 7/18/2016
2016-07-01Pres. To Gov. 7/1/2016
2016-06-30Ordered Enrolled
2016-06-30Conf Report Adopted
2016-06-29Conf Report Adopted
2016-06-29Added to Calendar
2016-06-29Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)
2016-06-29Conf Com Reported
2016-06-29Placed On Cal For 06/30/2016
2016-06-29Conf Com Reported
2016-06-29Conf Com Appointed
2016-06-28Conf Com Appointed
2016-06-28Failed Concur In S Com Sub
2016-06-28Added to Calendar
2016-06-28Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)
2016-06-28Withdrawn From Com
2016-06-22Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
2016-06-22Withdrawn From Cal
2016-06-21Cal Pursuant 36(b)
2016-06-20Regular Message Received For Concurrence in S Com Sub
2016-06-20Regular Message Sent To House
2016-06-16Passed 3rd Reading
2016-06-16Amend Adopted A2
2016-06-16Reconsidered 3rd Reading
2016-06-16Passed 3rd Reading
2016-06-16Passed 2nd Reading
2016-06-16Amend Adopted A1
2016-06-15Placed On Cal For 06/16/2016
2016-06-15Withdrawn From Cal
2016-06-14Com Substitute Adopted
2016-06-14Reptd Fav Com Substitute
2016-05-31Re-ref Com On Judiciary I
2016-05-31Com Substitute Adopted
2016-05-31Reptd Fav Com Substitute
2016-05-25Re-ref to Commerce. If fav, re-ref to Judiciary I
2016-05-25Withdrawn From Com
2015-03-26Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
2015-03-26Passed 1st Reading
2015-03-26Regular Message Received From House
2015-03-26Regular Message Sent To Senate
2015-03-25Passed 3rd Reading
2015-03-25Passed 2nd Reading
2015-03-24Placed On Cal For 03/25/2015
2015-03-24Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)
2015-03-24Reptd Fav Com Substitute
2015-03-05Ref To Com On Insurance
2015-03-05Passed 1st Reading


Name District
Paul TineHD-006
Mitchell SetzerHD-089
John BellHD-010
Darren JacksonHD-039
George ClevelandHD-014
Robert DavisHD-020
Edward HanesHD-072
Charles JeterHD-092
Patricia McElraftHD-013
Rodney MooreHD-099
Kenneth WaddellHD-046
Michael WrayHD-027