Bill Summary

Rental Property/Lithium Battery Smoke Alarms

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2011-03-02SECOND READINGYea: 50 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2012-06-14A1 Stam\Second ReadingYea: 111 No: 2 Other: 3Document
2012-06-18Second ReadingYea: 84 No: 28 Other: 4Document
2012-06-20Motion 9\To ConcurYea: 17 No: 0 Other: 1Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2012-06-28Ch. SL 2012-92
2012-06-28Signed By Gov. 6/28/2012
2012-06-21Pres. To Gov. 6/21/2012
2012-06-20Concurred In H/com Sub
2012-06-19Placed On Cal For 6/20/2012
2012-06-19Rec To Concur H Com Sub
2012-06-18Ordered Engrossed
2012-06-18Passed 2nd & 3rd Reading
2012-06-14Amend Adopted 1
2012-06-12Postponed To 6/14/2012
2012-06-05Postponed To 6/12/2012
2012-06-04Postponed To 6/5/2012
2012-05-31Placed On Cal For 6/4/2012
2012-05-30Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)
2012-05-30Reptd Fav Com Substitute
2011-03-07Ref To Com On Judiciary Subcommittee B
2011-03-07Passed 1st Reading
2011-03-02Passed 2nd & 3rd Reading
2011-03-01Com Substitute Adopted
2011-03-01Reptd Fav Com Substitute
2011-02-17Ref To Com On Judiciary II
2011-02-17Passed 1st Reading