Bill Summary

Generally revise landlord tenant property laws

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Date Action Vote Document
2015-02-25(S) 2nd Reading PassedYea: 46 No: 4 Other: 0Document
2015-02-26(S) 3rd Reading PassedYea: 35 No: 15 Other: 0Document
2015-04-01(H) 2nd Reading ConcurredYea: 61 No: 39 Other: 0Document
2015-04-07(H) 3rd Reading ConcurredYea: 60 No: 40 Other: 0Document
2015-04-13(S) 2nd Reading House Amendments ConcurredYea: 41 No: 9 Other: 0Document
2015-04-14(S) 3rd Reading Passed as Amended by HouseYea: 39 No: 11 Other: 0Document
2015-02-24(S) Judiciary Committee Executive Action--Bill Passed as AmendedYea: 12 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2015-03-25(H) Judiciary Committee Executive Action--Bill Concurred as AmendedYea: 12 No: 9 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2015-04-29(S) Vetoed by Governor
2015-04-20(S) Transmitted to Governor
2015-04-20(H) Signed by Speaker
2015-04-20(S) Signed by President
2015-04-15(S) Returned from Enrolling
2015-04-15(C) Printed - Enrolled Version Available
2015-04-14(S) Sent to Enrolling
2015-04-14(S) 3rd Reading Passed as Amended by House
2015-04-14(S) Scheduled for 3rd Reading
2015-04-13(S) 2nd Reading House Amendments Concurred
2015-04-13(S) Scheduled for 2nd Reading
2015-04-08(H) Returned to Senate with Amendments
2015-04-07(H) 3rd Reading Concurred
2015-04-07(H) Scheduled for 3rd Reading
2015-04-01(H) 2nd Reading Concurred
2015-04-01(H) Scheduled for 2nd Reading
2015-03-25(C) Printed - New Version Available
2015-03-25(H) Committee Report--Bill Concurred as Amended (H) Judiciary
2015-03-25(H) Committee Executive Action--Bill Concurred as Amended (H) Judiciary
2015-03-17(H) Hearing (H) Judiciary
2015-03-05(H) First Reading
2015-03-05(H) Referred to Committee (H) Judiciary
2015-02-26(S) Transmitted to House
2015-02-26(S) 3rd Reading Passed
2015-02-26(S) Scheduled for 3rd Reading
2015-02-25(S) 2nd Reading Passed
2015-02-25(S) Scheduled for 2nd Reading
2015-02-24(C) Printed - New Version Available
2015-02-24(S) Committee Report--Bill Passed as Amended (S) Judiciary
2015-02-24(S) Committee Executive Action--Bill Passed as Amended (S) Judiciary
2015-02-23(S) Hearing (S) Judiciary
2015-02-19(C) Introduced Bill Text Available Electronically
2015-02-18(S) Referred to Committee (S) Judiciary
2015-02-18(S) First Reading
2015-02-18(S) Introduced
2015-02-18(C) Draft Delivered to Requester
2015-02-02(C) Draft Ready for Delivery
2015-02-02(C) Draft in Assembly/Executive Director Review
2015-02-02(C) Draft in Final Drafter Review
2015-01-31(C) Bill Draft Text Available Electronically
2015-01-31(C) Draft in Input/Proofing
2015-01-30(C) Draft to Drafter - Edit Review [CMD]
2015-01-29(C) Draft in Legal Review
2015-01-27(C) Draft to Requester for Review
2015-01-26(C) Draft Taken Off Hold
2014-12-08(C) Draft On Hold
2014-12-05(C) Draft Request Received


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