Bill Summary

Landlords and tenants; victims of violence remedies established, and housing opportunities made equitable pilot project established.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2014-04-09House: Passage, as amendedYea: 130 No: 0 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2014-05-02Secretary of State Chapter 188 05/01/14
2014-05-01Governor's action Approval
2014-04-30Presented to Governor
2014-04-30Returned from Senate
2014-04-29Third reading Passed vote: 57-0
2014-04-29Special Order: Rule 45 amendment stricken
2014-04-22Second reading
2014-04-22Comm report: Rule 45-amend, subst. General Orders SF771
2014-04-10Referred to Rules and Administration for comparison with SF771, now on General Orders
2014-04-10Introduction and first reading
2014-04-10Received from House
2014-04-09Bill was passed as amended vote: 130-0
2014-04-09Third reading as amended
2014-04-07House rule 1.21, placed on Calendar for the Day Wednesday, April 9, 2014
2014-03-28Second reading
2014-03-28Committee report, to adopt as amended
2014-03-19Author added Newton
2014-03-17Author added Mullery
2014-03-17Committee report, to adopt and re-refer to Judiciary Finance and Policy
2014-03-13Author added Bernardy
2014-03-12Committee report, to adopt as amended and re-refer to Civil Law
2013-03-18Author added Kahn
2013-02-25Introduction and first reading, referred to Housing Finance and Policy


Name District
Steve SimonHD-046B
Susan AllenHD-062B
John LeschHD-066B
Michael PaymarHD-064B
Frank HornsteinHD-061A
Jason IsaacsonSD-042
Ron ErhardtHD-049A
Carlos MarianiHD-065B
David BlyHD-020B
Melissa HortmanHD-036B
Rena MoranHD-065A
John BensonHD-044B
Peter FischerHD-043A
Patti FritzHD-024B
Tina LieblingHD-026A
Karen ClarkHD-062A
Raymond DehnHD-059B
Phyllis KahnHD-060B
Connie BernardyHD-041A
Joe MulleryHD-059A
Jerry NewtonSD-037
Jeff HaydenSD-062