Bill Summary

Reducing the notice period from 14 days to 7 days before a landlord may file an action to evict a tenant for a breach of the lease that involves certain dangerous behavior; altering the requirements for the written notice that a landlord must give before the landlord may file a certain complaint to evict a tenant for a breach of a lease that involves certain dangerous behavior; reducing the amount of time after entry of a certain judgment during which a certain party may appeal to the circuit court in a certain eviction proceeding; etc.

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Bill Text

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Date Action Vote Document
2018-03-12House Floor - Third Reading Passed (126-12)Yea: 127 No: 13 Other: 8Document
2018-03-30Senate Floor - Third Reading Passed (28-18)Yea: 29 No: 19 Other: 1Document
2018-04-01Senate Floor - Third Reading Failed (20-22)Yea: 21 No: 23 Other: 5Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2018-04-06Third Reading Failed (20-22)
2018-04-06Senate Recede
2018-04-06Committee Amendment {988177/1 Withdrawn
2018-04-06Motion Recede (Senator Zirkin) Adopted
2018-04-05Delegates Beidle, Holmes, and Anderton
2018-04-05Conference Committee Appointed
2018-04-05House Requests Senate Recede
2018-04-05House Refuses to Concur - Senate Amendments
2018-04-04Third Reading Passed with Amendments (28-18)
2018-04-03Second Reading Passed with Amendments
2018-04-03Favorable with Amendments {988177/1 Report Adopted
2018-04-02Favorable with Amendments Report by Judicial Proceedings
2018-03-16First Reading Judicial Proceedings
2018-03-15Third Reading Passed (126-12)
2018-03-14Second Reading Passed with Amendments
2018-03-14Favorable with Amendments {150110/1 Report Adopted
2018-03-12Favorable with Amendments Report by Environment and Transportation
2018-02-13Hearing 2/13 at 1:00 p.m.
2018-01-25First Reading Environment and Transportation


Name District
Pamela BeidleSD-032
Carl AndertonHD-038B
Ned CareyHD-031A
Andrew CassillyHD-035B
Marvin HolmesHD-023B
Jay JalisiHD-010
Nicholaus KipkeHD-031B
Charles OttoHD-038A
Shane RobinsonHD-039
Kathy SzeligaHD-007
Chris WestSD-042
William WivellHD-002A
Jerry ClarkHD-029C
William FoldenHD-003B
Jay JacobsHD-036
Stephen LaffertyHD-042A
Herbert McMillanHD-030A