Bill Summary

Altering the actions that a landlord or mobile home park owner is prohibited from taking against a tenant or resident, respectively, for specified reasons; altering the reference to a specified prohibited action of a landlord or park owner to be a “retaliatory action”; authorizing a tenant or resident to raise the retaliatory action of a landlord or park owner, respectively, in defense to an action for possession or as an affirmative claim for specified damages; etc.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2011-03-23Third Reading Passed Yea: 96 No: 41 Other: 3Document
2011-03-31Third Reading Passed Yea: 38 No: 8 Other: 1Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2011-05-10Approved by the Governor
2011-03-31Third Reading Passed (38-8)
2011-03-30Second Reading Passed
2011-03-30Favorable Report Adopted
2011-04-01Favorable Report by Judicial Proceedings
2011-03-25First Reading Judicial Proceedings
2011-03-31Returned Passed
2011-03-23Third Reading Passed (96-41)
2011-03-22Second Reading Passed with Amendments
2011-03-22Favorable with Amendments
2011-03-24Favorable with Amendments Report by Environmental Matters
2011-02-11Hearing 3/3 at 1:00 p.m.
2011-02-09First Reading Environmental Matters


Name District
Pamela BeidleSD-032
Cheryl GlennHD-045
Barbara FrushHD-021
Elizabeth BoboHD-012B
Doyle NiemannHD-047