Bill Summary

Authorizing a tenant who is a victim of domestic violence or a victim of sexual assault to terminate a residential lease under specified circumstances; requiring a specified tenant to provide specified written notice to terminate a lease to the landlord; requiring a tenant who provides specified written notice to vacate the leased premises within 30 days of providing the notice; establishing the tenant’s responsibilities for rent if the tenant terminates a lease under the Act; etc.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2010-04-05Third Reading Passed Yea: 46 No: 0 Other: 1Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2010-05-04Approved by the Governor
2010-04-05Third Reading Passed (46-0)
2010-04-04Second Reading Passed
2010-04-04Favorable Report Adopted
2010-04-08Favorable Report by Judicial Proceedings
2010-03-26First Reading Judicial Proceedings
2010-04-02Returned Passed
2010-03-24Third Reading Passed (141-0)
2010-03-23Second Reading Passed with Amendments
2010-03-23Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted
2010-03-26Favorable with Amendments Report by Environmental Matters
2010-02-19Hearing 3/11 at 1:00 p.m.
2010-02-18First Reading Environmental Matters


Name District
Saqib AliHD-039
Cheryl GlennHD-045
Kathleen DumaisHD-015
Curtis AndersonHD-043
Ben BarnesHD-021
Elizabeth BoboHD-012B
Tom HuckerHD-020
Sue HechtHD-003A
Gerron LeviHD-023A