Bill Summary

Landlord-tenant relations. Eliminates the general restriction on the authority of a county, city, town, or township concerning regulation of landlord-tenant relationship matters not specifically described by state statute. Prohibits the waiver of laws regarding retaliatory acts by a landlord.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2021-02-16House - Committee VoteYea: 8 No: 3 Other: 2Document
2021-02-18House - Amendment #1 (Pierce) failedYea: 26 No: 62 Other: 11Document
2021-02-18House - Amendment #3 (Pierce) failedYea: 28 No: 62 Other: 6Document
2021-02-22House - Third readingYea: 96 No: 0 Other: 3Document
2021-03-25Senate - Committee VoteYea: 10 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2021-04-06Senate - Third readingYea: 49 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2021-04-13House - House concurred in Senate amendmentsYea: 92 No: 0 Other: 7Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2021-04-29Public Law 215
2021-04-29Signed by the Governor
2021-04-28Signed by the President of the Senate
2021-04-23Signed by the President Pro Tempore
2021-04-13Signed by the Speaker
2021-04-13House concurred in Senate amendments; Roll Call 422: yeas 92, nays 0
2021-04-12Motion to concur filed
2021-04-07Returned to the House with amendments
2021-04-06Senator Randolph added as cosponsor
2021-04-06Senator Rogers added as cosponsor
2021-04-06Third reading: passed; Roll Call 361: yeas 49, nays 0
2021-04-05Senator Doriot added as second sponsor
2021-04-05Second reading: ordered engrossed
2021-03-25Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
2021-03-01First reading: referred to Committee on Local Government
2021-02-23Referred to the Senate
2021-02-22Senate sponsor: Senator Buck
2021-02-22Third reading: passed; Roll Call 205: yeas 96, nays 0
2021-02-18Amendment #3 (Pierce) failed; Roll Call 202: yeas 28, nays 62
2021-02-18Amendment #1 (Pierce) failed; Roll Call 201: yeas 26, nays 62
2021-02-18Amendment #2 (Pierce) motion withdrawn
2021-02-18Amendment #4 (Manning) prevailed; voice vote
2021-02-18Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed
2021-02-16Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
2021-01-14First reading: referred to Committee on Judiciary
2021-01-14Authored by Representative Manning


Name District
Ethan ManningHD-023
James BuckSD-021
Blake DoriotSD-012
Linda RogersSD-011
Lonnie RandolphSD-002