Bill Summary

Leases and sales of real property. Amends the statute concerning landlord and tenant relations to provide that a unit may not regulate rental rates for privately owned real property, through a zoning ordinance or otherwise, unless the regulation is authorized by an act of the general assembly. (Current law provides that regulation of rental rates for such property must be authorized by an act of the general assembly.) Prohibits a political subdivision from imposing certain penalties against a tenant, an owner, or a landlord for a contact made to request law enforcement or other emergency assistance for one or more

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2017-01-30Senate - Committee VoteYea: 5 No: 2 Other: 0Document
2017-02-16Senate - Third readingYea: 29 No: 19 Other: 1Document
2017-04-03House - Committee VoteYea: 5 No: 3 Other: 5Document
2017-04-06House - Third readingYea: 78 No: 19 Other: 3Document
2017-04-11Senate - Senate concurred in House AmendmentsYea: 28 No: 20 Other: 2Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2017-05-02Public Law 266
2017-05-02Signed by the Governor
2017-04-25Signed by the President of the Senate
2017-04-19Signed by the Speaker
2017-04-13Signed by the President Pro Tempore
2017-04-11Senate concurred in House Amendments; Roll Call 459: yeas 28, nays 20
2017-04-10Motion to concur filed
2017-04-07Returned to the Senate with amendments
2017-04-06Third reading: passed; Roll Call 421: yeas 77, nays 20
2017-04-05Amendment #3 (DeLaney) motion withdrawn voice vote
2017-04-05Amendment #4 (DeLaney) motion withdrawn voice vote
2017-04-05Amendment #1 (Eberhart) prevailed; voice vote
2017-04-05Amendment #2 (Eberhart) prevailed; voice vote
2017-04-05Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed
2017-04-03Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
2017-03-21Representative Austin added as cosponsor
2017-03-09Representative Speedy added as cosponsor
2017-03-09First reading: referred to Committee on Judiciary
2017-02-17Referred to the House
2017-02-16House sponsor: Representative Eberhart
2017-02-16Third reading: passed; Roll Call 136: yeas 29, nays 19
2017-02-13Amendment #2 (Stoops) failed; voice vote
2017-02-13Amendment #1 (Young M) prevailed; voice vote
2017-02-13Amendment #3 (Holdman) prevailed; voice vote
2017-02-13Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed
2017-02-06Senator Buck added as second author
2017-01-31Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
2017-01-18First reading: referred to Committee on Civil Law
2017-01-18Authored by Senator Holdman


Name District
Travis HoldmanSD-019
James BuckSD-021
Sean EberhartHD-057
Mike SpeedyHD-090
Terri Jo AustinHD-036