Bill Summary

Provides that the owner of a rental unit assessed any fee by a political subdivision pertaining to the rental unit may: (1) notify the tenants of the rental unit of the assessment of the fee; and (2) require the tenants of the rental unit to reimburse the owner for the payment of the fee. (Current law refers to “inspection, registration, or other fee”.) Requires fees regarding rental units and rental communities to be deposited in a dedicated fund to for reimbursement of costs actually incurred by the political subdivision relating to the imposition and amount of the fee. Restricts the circumstances and conditions in which a political subdivision may require a rental unit’s owner or landlord to obtain a permit. Allows an owner of a rental unit to obtain an exemption from a political subdivision’s inspection and inspection fee requirements if the rental unit satisfies certain requirements. Allows a political subdivision to impose a penalty for an act constituting a nuisance or ordinance violation. Allows a successful county, city, or town or a successful defendant to recover attorney’s fees incurred in a nuisance action. Provides that a political subdivision may assess an annual registration fee. Repeals superseded statutes relating to local regulation of residential landlord and tenant relations.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2014-01-28House Committee on Government and Regulatory Reform - Roll Call 140301Yea: 7 No: 5 Other: 1Document
2014-01-30House Floor - Yea: 36 No: 57 Other: 4Document
2014-01-30House Floor - Yea: 94 No: 0 Other: 4Document
2014-01-30House Floor - Yea: 29 No: 64 Other: 4Document
2014-02-03House - Third reading: Passed:Yea: 67 No: 28 Other: 5Document
2014-02-26Senate Committee on Local Government - Roll Call 140304Yea: 7 No: 1 Other: 2Document
2014-03-04Senate Floor - Yea: 34 No: 12 Other: 3Document
2014-03-11House - House reconsidered and concurred in Senate amendmentsYea: 67 No: 24 Other: 8Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2014-03-26Signed by the Governor
2014-03-26Signed by the President Pro Tempore
2014-03-18Signed by the President of the Senate
2014-03-13Signed by the Speaker
2014-03-13Public Law 193
2014-03-11House reconsidered and concurred in Senate amendments; Roll Call 440: yeas 67 and nays 24
2014-03-06Representative Slager added as advisor
2014-03-06Representative Turner removed as advisor
2014-03-05Senator Bray added as advisor
2014-03-05Senator Randolph added as advisor
2014-03-05Senator Head added as advisor
2014-03-05Senator R. Young added as conferee
2014-03-05Senator Holdman added as conferee
2014-03-05Representative Candelaria Reardon added as advisor
2014-03-05Representative VanNatter added as advisor
2014-03-05Representative Turner added as advisor
2014-03-05Representative Lawson added as conferee
2014-03-05Representative McMillin added as conferee
2014-03-05House dissented from Senate Amendments
2014-03-04Returned to the House with amendments
2014-03-04Third reading: Passed: Roll Call 343: yeas 34 and nays 12
2014-03-03Senator Head added second sponsor.
2014-03-03Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed.
2014-03-03HB 1403 Amendment #5 (Lanane), failed.
2014-03-03HB 1403 Amendment #4 (Lanane), failed.
2014-03-03HB 1403 Amendment #2 (Holdman), prevailed.
2014-02-27Committee report: amend do pass, adopted.
2014-02-10First Reading: Referred to Local Government
2014-02-03Referred to the Senate
2014-02-03Third reading: Passed: Roll Call 210: yeas 67 and nays 28
2014-02-03Senator Holdman added as first sponsor.
2014-02-03Representative Turner added as coauthor.
2014-01-30Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed
2014-01-30HB 1403 Amendment #6 (Truitt), prevailed.
2014-01-30HB 1403 Amendment #3 (Candelaria Reardon), prevailed.
2014-01-30HB 1403 Amendment #2 (Candelaria Reardon), failed.
2014-01-30HB 1403 Amendment #1 (Candelaria Reardon), failed.
2014-01-28Committee report: amend do pass, adopted.
2014-01-21Representative Austin added as coauthor.
2014-01-15Authored by Representative McMillin.
2014-01-15Coauthored by Representative VanNatter
2014-01-15First Reading: Referred to Government and Regulatory Reform


Name District
Judson McMillinHD-068
Terri Jo AustinHD-036
Heath VanNatterHD-038
Eric TurnerHD-032