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Amends the Eviction Article of the Code of Civil Procedure. Deletes language providing that a landlord shall have the power to bar the presence of a person from the premises owned by the landlord who is not a tenant or lessee or who is not a member of the tenant’s or lessee’s household. Deletes language providing that a landlord may give notice to a person that the person is barred from the premises owned by the landlord and providing criminal penalties for further trespass after the notice has been given. Provides instead that nothing precludes a landlord from exercising any rights the landlord may have under existing local, State, federal, or common law to bar from the property an individual who is not a tenant or member of the tenant’s household, if that individual’s presence on the property poses a direct threat to: (1) any tenant’s health, safety, or right to quiet enjoyment of the premises; or (2) the health or safety of the landlord or the landlord’s employees.

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Bill History

Date Action
2021-04-16Rule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments
2021-03-16To Judiciary- Property Law
2021-03-09Assigned to Judiciary
2021-02-26Referred to Assignments
2021-02-26First Reading
2021-02-26Filed with Secretary by Sen. Celina Villanueva


Name District
Celina VillanuevaSD-011