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Amends and adds to existing law relating to the Mobile Home Park Landlord-Tenant Act to revise the Mobile Home Park Landlord-Tenant Act.

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Date Action Vote Document
2011-03-07House Third ReadingYea: 65 No: 1 Other: 4Document
2011-03-24Senate Third ReadingYea: 35 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2011-03-30House Third ReadingYea: 68 No: 0 Other: 2Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2011-04-05Governor signed Session Law Chapter 184 Effective: 07/01/11
2011-04-05Delivered to Governor on 04/04
2011-04-04To Governor
2011-04-01Pres signed
2011-03-31Sp signed
2011-03-31Rpt enrol
2011-03-30to enrol
2011-03-30Title apvd
2011-03-303rd rdg as amen -- PASSED -- 68-0-2
2011-03-29to 3rd rdg as amen
2011-03-292nd rdg
2011-03-28to 2nd rdg as amen
2011-03-281st rdg
2011-03-28Rpt engros
2011-03-25to engros
2011-03-25House concurred in Senate amens
2011-03-25House Held at Desk
2011-03-24to House
2011-03-24Title apvd
2011-03-243rd rdg as amen -- PASSED -- 35-0-0
2011-03-17to 3rd rdg as amen
2011-03-172nd rdg
2011-03-16to 2nd rdg as amen
2011-03-161st rdg
2011-03-15to 1st rdg as amen
2011-03-15Rpt out amen
2011-03-11To 14th Ord
2011-03-11to 2nd rdg
2011-03-11rec d/p
2011-03-11Rpt out
2011-03-08to Com/HuRes
2011-03-081st rdg
2011-03-08Senate intro
2011-03-07to Senate
2011-03-07Title apvd
2011-03-073rd rdg -- PASSED -- 65-1-4
2011-03-03to 3rd rdg
2011-03-032nd rdg
2011-03-02to 2nd rdg
2011-03-02rec d/p
2011-03-02Rpt out
2011-02-25Ref'd to Bus
2011-02-25Ret'd to Desk for re-referral
2011-02-25Rpt out
2011-02-23to St Aff
2011-02-23Rpt prt
2011-02-22to printing
2011-02-221st rdg
2011-02-22House intro


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