Bill Summary

A bill for an act relating to the right of residents, owners, tenants, and landlords to summon emergency assistance and preempting related local ordinances, rules, and regulations. (Formerly HSB 153)

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Date Action Vote Document
2015-03-25Passed HouseYea: 98 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2016-04-06Passed SenateYea: 50 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2016-04-27Passed HouseYea: 98 No: 0 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2016-05-04Sent to Governor. H.J. 999.
2016-05-04Reported correctly enrolled, signed by Speaker and President. H.J. 999.
2016-04-28Message from House. S.J. 806.
2016-04-27Immediate message. H.J. 774.
2016-04-27Passed House, ayes 98, nays none. H.J. 773.
2016-04-27House concurred in Senate amendment H-8170. H.J. 773.
2016-04-06Senate amendment H-8170 filed. H.J. 609.
2016-04-06Message from Senate. H.J. 604.
2016-04-06Immediate message. S.J. 642.
2016-04-06Passed Senate, ayes 50, nays none. S.J. 641.
2016-04-06Amendment S-5085 as amended, adopted. S.J. 641.
2016-04-06Amendment S-5115 to S-5085 filed, adopted. S.J. 641.
2016-03-17Placed on calendar under unfinished business. S.J. 558.
2016-03-14Amendment S-5085 filed. S.J. 501.
2016-03-14Committee report, recommending amendment and passage. S.J. 501.
2016-03-08Returned to Committee. S.J. 0.
2015-03-30Subcommittee, Hogg, Quirmbach, and Schneider. S.J. 740.
2015-03-25Read first time, referred to Judiciary. S.J. 703.
2015-03-25Message from House. S.J. 703.
2015-03-25Immediate message. H.J. 704.
2015-03-25Explanation of vote. H.J. 704.
2015-03-25Passed House, ayes 98, nays none. H.J. 700.
2015-03-25Amendment H-1150 adopted. H.J. 700.
2015-03-24Amendment H-1150 filed. H.J. 693.
2015-03-04Introduced, placed on calendar. H.J. 463.


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