Bill Summary

Revises exclusions from applicability of Florida Residential Landlord & Tenant Act; provides that right to attorney fees may not be waived in lease agreement; provides that attorney fees may not be awarded in claim for personal injury damages based on breach of duty of premises maintenance; revises & provides certain landlord disclosure requirements; provides requirements for disbursement of advance rents; provides limited rebuttable presumption of receipt of security deposits; revises landlord’s obligation to maintain premises with respect to screens; provides that enforcement of right or duty under Florida Residential Landlord & Tenant Act by civil action does not preclude prosecution of criminal offense; revises procedures for termination of rental agreement by landlord; provides that landlord does not waive right to terminate rental agreement or to bring civil action for noncompliance by accepting partial rent; provides period to institute action before exemption involving rent subsidies is waived begins upon actual knowledge; revises requirements for termination of tenancy with specific duration; provides conduct for which landlord may not retaliate.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2013-03-13House: Third Reading RCS#9Yea: 78 No: 37 Other: 0Document
2013-04-26Senate: Third Reading RCS#21Yea: 27 No: 10 Other: 2Document
2013-05-02House: Third Reading RCS#417Yea: 92 No: 25 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2013-06-10Chapter No. 2013-136
2013-06-07Approved by Governor
2013-05-28Signed by Officers and presented to Governor
2013-05-02Ordered engrossed, then enrolled
2013-05-02CS passed as amended; YEAS 92 NAYS 25
2013-05-02Concurred in 1 amendment(s) (109922)
2013-04-29In returning messages
2013-04-26CS passed as amended; YEAS 27 NAYS 10
2013-04-26Read 3rd time
2013-04-26Amendment(s) adopted (109922)
2013-04-26Read 2nd time
2013-04-26Substituted for CS/CS/SB 490
2013-04-26Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
2013-04-26Withdrawn from Judiciary; Regulated Industries; Rules
2013-03-22Referred to Judiciary; Regulated Industries; Rules
2013-03-21In Messages
2013-03-13CS passed as amended; YEAS 78 NAYS 37
2013-03-13Read 3rd time
2013-03-12Placed on 3rd reading
2013-03-12Amendment(s) failed (252291, 433765)
2013-03-12Amendment(s) adopted (221769, 326499, 786199)
2013-03-12Read 2nd time
2013-03-08Placed on Special Order Calendar, 03/12/13
2013-03-05CS by Judiciary Committee read 1st time
2013-02-12Placed on Calendar
2013-02-07Pending review of CS -under Rule 7.19(c)
2013-02-05CS by- Judiciary Committee; YEAS 12 NAYS 5
2013-01-29On Committee agenda-- Judiciary Committee, 02/05/13, 9:00 am, 404 HOB
2013-01-24Now in Judiciary Committee
2013-01-24Favorable by Civil Justice Subcommittee; YEAS 10 NAYS 2
2013-01-17On Committee agenda-- Civil Justice Subcommittee, 01/24/13, 9:00 am, 404 HOB
2013-01-11Referred to Civil Justice Subcommittee; Judiciary Committee


Name District
Judiciary Committee
Elizabeth PorterHD-010