Bill Summary

This bill amends the landlord/tenant code to permit the use of a surety bond in place of a security deposit. Instead of paying a refundable security deposit, a tenant may, if the landlord permits, purchase a nonrefundable “surety bond” for a percentage of the security deposit amount. The issuer of the surety bond would then be liable to the landlord in the event the tenant does not pay for any damages sustained by the landlord due to non-payment of rent, breach of lease, or damage to the rental property.

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2013-05-02House Third ReadingYea: 38 No: 0 Other: 3Document
2013-06-11Senate Third ReadingYea: 20 No: 0 Other: 1Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2013-06-27Signed by Governor
2013-06-11Passed by Senate. Votes: Passed 20 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 1 ABSENT 0 VACANT
2013-05-15Reported Out of Committee (COMMUNITY/COUNTY AFFAIRS) in Senate with 4 On Its Merits
2013-05-02Assigned to Community/County Affairs Committee in Senate
2013-05-02Passed by House of Representatives. Votes: Passed 38 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 3 ABSENT 0 VACANT
2013-05-02Amendment HA 1 - Passed in House by Voice Vote
2013-05-02Amendment HA 1 - Introduced and Placed With Bill
2013-05-01Reported Out of Committee (HOUSING & COMMUNITY AFFAIRS) in House with 5 Favorable, 4 On Its Merits
2013-04-25Introduced and Assigned to Housing & Community Affairs Committee in House