Bill Summary

The law does not currently adequately address the situations that arise when the sole tenant of a residential rental unit dies. This bill allows the landlord to file and maintain an action for summary possession as necessary. In addition, this bill adds a new section to Title 25 to address the procedure for how a landlord may regain possession of the residential rental unit, which, depending on the circumstances, may or may not necessitate the need for a summary proceeding. Finally, the new section permits a landlord to bring a debt action for monies due and protects the estate’s interest in any security deposit held by the landlord.

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Bill History

Date Action
2013-05-14Introduced and Assigned to Housing & Community Affairs Committee in House


Name District
Gerald BradyHD-004
Harris McDowellSD-001
James JohnsonHD-016
Helene KeeleyHD-003
John KowalkoHD-025