Bill Summary

Mobile homes; recreational vehicles; fund

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Became Law


Date Action Vote Document
2018-01-25House Government Committee Action (DPA)Yea: 6 No: 0 Other: 2Document
2018-02-05House Rules Committee Action (C&P)Yea: 9 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2018-02-08House - Third ReadingYea: 51 No: 7 Other: 0Document
2018-02-08House - Committee of the Whole (DPA)Yea: 0 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2018-02-26Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee Action (DP)Yea: 7 No: 1 Other: 0Document
2018-03-05Senate Rules Committee Action (PFC)Yea: 0 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2018-03-15Senate - Committee of the Whole (DPA)Yea: 0 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2018-03-21Senate - Third ReadingYea: 22 No: 7 Other: 0Document
2018-03-22House - ConcurrenceYea: 0 No: 0 Other: 0Document
2018-03-22House - Third ReadingYea: 56 No: 2 Other: 0Document


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Bill History

Date Action
2018-03-27Chapter 79
2018-03-27Governor Signed
2018-03-22Transmitted to Governor
2018-03-22House final reading PASSED, voting: (56-2-2-0)
2018-03-22House concurs
2018-03-22House minority caucus: Conference
2018-03-22House Conference Committee recommended
2018-03-21Transmit to House
2018-03-21Senate third reading PASSED voting: (22-7-1-0)
2018-03-15Senate Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass Amended
2018-03-06Senate majority caucus: Do pass
2018-03-06Senate minority caucus: Do pass
2018-03-05Senate consent calendar
2018-03-05Senate RULES Committee action: Proper For Consideration, voting: (0-0-0-0)
2018-02-26Senate COMPS Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (7-1-0-0)
2018-02-19Senate read second time
2018-02-15Assigned to Senate RULES Committee
2018-02-15Assigned to Senate COMPS Committee
2018-02-15Introduced in Senate and read first time
2018-02-09Transmit to Senate
2018-02-08House third reading PASSED voting: (51-7-1-0)
2018-02-08House Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass Amended
2018-02-06House minority caucus: Do pass
2018-02-06House majority caucus: Do pass
2018-02-05House Committee of the Whole consent calendar
2018-02-05House RULES Committee action: constitutional and in proper form, voting: (9-0-0-0-0-0)
2018-01-25House GOV Committee action: Do Pass Amended, voting: (6-0-0-2-0-0)
2018-01-17House read second time
2018-01-16Assigned to House RULES Committee
2018-01-16Assigned to House GOV Committee
2018-01-16Introduced in House and read first time


Name District
Douglas ColemanHD-016